Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Adolfo and Kirsten

I first met Kirsten when she and her Mom came for our wedding consultation. Kirsten was referred by Tess Reyes, one of my clients with an absolutely fabulous voice, who is working on her first record album. (Ok, does using the word “record” make me sound old or what?) Kirsten was such a sweetie, I wondered what Adolfo was like. I was thrilled when she called a short time later to say they wanted me to photograph their wedding. I got to meet Adolfo when we did the Engagement Shoot and he is just as sweet as Kirsten. They really are very cute together.

The wedding was a picture-perfect day! The ceremony was at the Church of the Valley in San Ramon – very nice spot to photograph. It doesn’t even have red carpet! Kirsten was absolutely beautiful and seemed to be quite calm……until she started down the aisle…….then the tears started as soon as she saw Adolfo. He had this big smile on his face as he watched Kirsten. She regained her compose quickly, though.

The reception was at Dublin Ranch – my first time photographing at this location. I wish we could have arrived when it was still light out – golf courses always provide nice backgrounds for shooting. The music was provided by a Mariachi Band, which I’m guessing was Adolfo’s Dad’s idea. He seemed to really enjoy their music! The evening ended with an impromptu portrait session in the lobby of Dublin Ranch, where different groups of Adolfo and Kirsten’s friends and family gathered to have a photo with them – what a fun evening!

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